Monday Morning Grievance: Schedule, Interrupted

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

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Despite keeping up with the blog during hurricane-like weather, I didn’t post anything the last few days.

No Free Write Friday

No Uncensored Saturday

I was going to write about gun control again, but I found myself baited into an online argument against an individual who lacked the skill set necessary for debate. Specifically, the individual lacked basic literacy and reading comprehension skills; at least, that was my conclusion based on his so-called “evidence”. After that, I needed to clear my head so I went and bought a banana pudding milkshake and binge-watched some Netflix.

No Sunday Snapshots

To be fair, you’ve already seen my photographs if you read the blog last Monday.

No Wicked Word Wednesday winner

This will be remedied around noon(ish) today

So, I’m just generally annoyed at my own tendency toward laziness after a somewhat strenuous week and with the prospect of a long weekend ahead of me.

What annoys you?

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