Mr. Tom Speaks on Joining the Navy

I am recording these words so they are not forgotten.


79 years ago today I joined the Navy. My momma’s birthday; did you know she saw the Wright brothers fly at Kitty Hawk? Her birthday, and I got on a train bound for Raleigh at three in the afternoon. All us recruits, we got into a pillow fight, and the Navy took it out of my pay. $20 a month, and I had a dollar fifty left over for toothpaste. My first paycheck, and the Navy took it. The next day they shipped us out to Norfolk and I was there for twelve weeks. My first ship was the Raleigh, and I was on her for four years. I was on the Raleigh when Pearl was attacked. After that I was on the Meredith, but of course the war’d started by then. 79 years – man oh man.

Tom Poole – 22 February, 2016

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