What’s Up, Wednesday?

I’ve been busy; here’s what I’ve been doing the last few days:


Pest Control came at 8:45 in the morning. The inspector determined the termites are coming from my dirt-fill back porch; thankfully, there no new tubes under the house. He’s going to drill into the porch to get at the termites as well as treat the exterior foundation of the house. At the same time, I’ll pull up the kitchen tiles and they’ll foam spray the active wood. Once that dries, we can work at replacing the kitchen floor. Of course, I’ll also have to patch and seal the concrete on my back porch to prevent another infestation. This time, I’ll make sure to renew their annual service.

I made it to the teacher in-service meeting only fifteen minutes late (due to Pest Control being 20 minutes past their projected arrival.) Along with the usual announcements, there were several “ice breakers.”

The first challenge required us to construct a tower out of uncooked spaghetti, tape, and string. The tower had to support a marshmallow square (apparently sold in Wal-Mart and intended for S’mores). I channeled my GISHsperience to lead our team to victory.

The second challenge required us to put ourselves in a line according to our birthdays without talking. We all “won” that game 🙂

The final exercise was to build a tower out of our team’s shoes. We lost, but I’d like to point out that our team had 2 pairs of shoes and six pairs of sandals. The other teams had five or six pairs of shoes and one or two pairs of sandals. We were at an extreme disadvantage. Not that I’m complaining, mind . . .

That afternoon I headed out of town to have tires put on my car. I drove 45 minutes one way, but saved $100 dollars on the tires. Huzzah.


This morning I spent several hours figuring out how to transfer files from a computer that would turn on but not boot to a thumb drive. I now have all my school files back; huzzah again.

This afternoon I cleared off the back porch so Pest Control can come and treat it. I just came back inside, showered, and now I’m sitting here eating a late lunch and typing this.

See you all tomorrow!


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