Today’s Lucky Numbers

Simply reading the numbers in a column will make you sound like a numbers station.

7:40 – I woke up

8:00 – I left for Lowes

1 bottle – the amount of sealer I bought

100 lbs. – the amount of concrete I bought

$33.83 –  my total bill (there were incidental purchases needed to use the sealer and concrete)

104 minutes –  the time it took to patch the concrete and rip up the floor

25 sq. ft. – the estimated amount of flooring I need to replace

75 pages read when I should have been working

This post was inspired by The Prompt Box

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Lucky Numbers

  1. You can’t leave us on tenterhooks! What is wrong with your floor? Why do you need so much cement? Has it set yet? Who did you bury? Were the 75 pages you read from the book entitled ‘how to conceal a crime in three easy steps….’?

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    1. This comment made my night!
      I need to fix my floor from the termite damage. Actually, I was able to do this today – and we discovered the little invaders didn’t eat the sub floor; all we had to do was remove the damaged plywood and put in a new piece. Right now I’ve got floor leveler setting and I can lay new tile Monday.

      The cement was to fix my back porch, which had two large cracks feeding moisture into my house and attracting the termites in the first place. It was fast-set, so it set within 40 minutes but will take several weeks to fully cure.

      The book was “The Truth” by Terry Pratchett.

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      1. Goodness, I didn’t know such little insects could be so damaging. I’ve never heard of anyone in UK suffering so much damage. Best not leave food out for them in the future…… And don’t go stepping in that wet cement!

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  2. I remember the name of the first book in the series, The Secret of the Old clock, printed in May 1930. I got it for a birthday present. I was born in 1936 so would have read it in the early 40’s. Probably my copy would have been printed during WWII. I don’t remember a paper shortage but do remember food rationing books and scrap metal drives. I still have one of my mother’s ration books.

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