The Mug Speaks Truth

Every so often one of those annoying Facebook ads actually shows something relevant or funny; sometime, its both.

The other day, Krystal found this:


available at

As the summer winds inexorably on to the start of another school year, I know that this will be the case.

But I thought . . .

But so-and-so says . . .

But I always heard that . . .

But I read on the internet . . .

[This one always makes me shudder; unless, of course, their source is valid.]

. . .

And once, someone [I forget who, exactly] gave me this gem:

Well, you can read a lot of books and I can read a lot of books, and we can each come to our own opinion. That’s how history works.



I did not spend several years and many thousands of dollars to get a degree in reading books.

That's Not How It Works Meme

Ah well, at least there’s coffee.

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