Monday Morning Grievance: Buyer’s Remorse [not really]

I don’t regret buying these things, it’s just that I no longer need what I bought.

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It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time you’ve probably figured out that I don’t like to spend money. I’m not a miser; I just like knowing I’m spending my money wisely. So, I’m experiencing some regret over two recent purchases.

You might remember I’ve been looking for my copy of Good Omens for quite some time. I finally determined that it was time to stop looking a replace it. Two weeks ago during GISHWHES, I was looking for Krystal’s Charlotte Raceway flag when I found my original copy. On the positive side, I now have two copies of this excellent book, and I now have the pair of black/white and white/black books, so . . . why am I regretting this purchase? Hm. Regret gone.

I’ve also needed a new phone. Needed as in my iPhone 4s slowed and will no longer be updated by Apple come iOS 10. The battery won’t hold much of a charge, but as I’m never far from an outlet, that’s moot. I d0n’t *need*a new phone because my phone works fine for making calls, connecting to WiFi, and doing the basics of a smartphone.

My chargers have been gradually disappearing, and so this past week I bought a charger I could keep at school. So now I have a charger for home, a charger for school, and one that I can carry with me. The perils of low battery, am I right? Talk about a first world problem . . .

And then yesterday Sarah (SiL) found me a used 16 gig iPhone 5c for $80 – and it came with an OtterBox case and brand new in box  Apple brand charger & headphones.

I guess that means my old iPhone is worthless and I just threw $5 out the window with that charger, right? Wrong. I reset my 4s, redownloaded my favorite music and podcast apps,  and now have a decent 5 gig “iPod Touch.” I’ll be using those chargers after all!

Buyer’s Remorse? Not Really.

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