The Next Weeks’ View

School started yesterday. Yes, we started on a Friday, but only for half a day. Today is the first Saturday of many Saturdays to come of planning lessons, but I want to show off my classroom.

I’m very proud this year – I’m using all new decorations!

Here’s a sight that won’t be seen until May: a clean desk!

Empty Desk 2016

Everything’s ready for Orientation:

Orientation 2016

Pusheen welcomes my students and their parents:

Welcome Slide 2016

2 thoughts on “The Next Weeks’ View

  1. Goodness, you go back to school early, they are off in England until about Sept 5th. That must be annoying going in for half a day on a Friday – it must have spoilt your last weekend off! You room is very tidy – hope you are going to keep it like that! I hope you get some nice and keen students this academic year…..


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