My Grocery Choices Leave Something to be Desired

For the past few months we’ve been inundated with mailers regarding a new grocery store. This past week Krystal and I ventured in to take advantage of some Grand Opening deals and compare prices.

Slightly overwhelmed with the selection, we came away with:

2 packages of chicken patties

2 packages of fish sticks

4 boxes of store-brand toaster pastries

2 boxes brown sugar flavor

2 boxes blueberry flavor

1 gallon of  whole milk

1 carton of soy milk

2 packages of sliced cheese

2 loaves of bread

2 boxes of store-brand cereal

1 box of “Cocoa Pebbles”

1 box of “Lucky Charms”

2 large bottles of Bailey’s coffee creamer

1 bottle of Irish Cream

1 bottle of Vanilla Bourbon Pound Cake

Nonalcoholic, of course 🙂

2 bags of Doritos

1 bag Cool Ranch

1 bag Nacho Cheese

1 case of cream soda

2 containers of Breyers gelato, tiramisu flavor

I can’t help but think I could have made some better choices.

We did save almost 50%, so there’s that . . .

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