Medieval Baseball Wars

My students have been paying attention, but perhaps not as keenly as I might hope. Yes, it’s time for another installment of Things My Students Say.

Several weeks ago, right at the start of the school year, I gave one history class a primary source/reading comprehension assignment.

After several minutes of quiet reading, one student raised their hand and said

Mr. E-, I really don’t understand this question. I’ve read it several times and looked for key words in the text, but it’s just not making sense.

OK, why don’t you read the question out loud to me?

Waged against so-called “infields,” the Crusades . . .

Stop right there. Read that again.

Oh wait. “Infidels.” I wondered why Christians hated baseball so much.


To be honest, I don’t like baseball much, but don’t think I’d start a war over it . . .


As a teacher, I’m well aware of the need for my student’s privacy.

As such please be aware that

(a) I have permission to share.

(b) I will not divulge names. If you know either me or my students in real life, refrain from guessing who said what. Such comments will be deleted

(c) I do not intend to belittle, malign, or disparage in any way. I am posting with the permission of the student(s).

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