Saturday Morning Coffee

Grab a mug; the coffee’s still hot, even if there’s only a few minutes left in the morning.

So, you want to know how my week went?

I think Monday was relatively uneventful, though Krystal and I did snag a few Cyber Monday deals for Christmas presents.

Tuesday I was sick; sick enough to take a day off work. I wouldn’t say I slept most of the day, but I did spend the day horizontal: anything approaching upright caused more sickness. Thankfully, it only lasted a day.

Krystal left Wednesday for a blacksmithing workshop out in the eastern part of the state. She comes back tonight. So, Smokey and I have been holding down the fort, eating pizza and drinking ginger ale. I’ve wrapped presents and I’m trying to get the house cleaned cleaner than it was before Krystal left. Her mom wants to come see our tree when it’s decorated. I’m making progress, but have a feeling the common areas will get cleaned at the expense of Spare Oom.

Last night I went to the first varsity home basketball games. I rang a cowbell, screamed at the referees, yelled at the teams, and we pulled off two victories.

Today was another Candlelight rehearsal. It went well enough, though Krystal wasn’t there and someone else read her lines the lines she was originally given but which were changed two months ago. It all worked out.

Later on I’m supposed to meet someone from church for lunch? coffee? I’m not really clear on what’s going on, but I do know I’d rather see someone who isn’t a student for a change.

Only 9ish hours until Krystal’s home!

How was your week?

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