A Weaver of Words

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner.

Maybe it was the start of the holiday season, but not many people participated in this last challenge. I have the feeling a few people posted on their own blogs but failed to post here. Ah well.

Just to remind you: the last Wicked Word was

tapestry [\ˈta-pə-strē\]



a heavy cloth that has designs or pictures woven into it and that is used for wall hangings, curtains, etc.

something made up of different things, people, colors, etc.

And now, the winners!

In First Place . . .


Tapestry was the first album I ever purchased on my own with money I had earned. The songs spoke to my soul, my heart, and I memorized them quickly and easily. It was something I had never been capable of doing before.

Congratulations winners, and don’t forget your nifty badges!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

3 thoughts on “A Weaver of Words

  1. OMG! I finally beat Georgie Moon! waaahoooooooooooooo! Thanks to everyone that voted for me…including all those “new accounts that i created just to vote for myself)……not really, although I did seriously consider doing so for about five seconds! Woot! and I earned this sucker for my favorite song of all time! that is the icing on the cake so to speak……I got a cool badge to stick on my bloggery site too! what a terrific week this has been….


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