Saturday Coffee

If we were sitting down to coffee I’d have to tell you I don’t really have time to sit and chat over coffee. But you probably figured that out, since it’s after noon.

I’ve been busy with Christmas programs, exam schedules, and Candlelight – which starts today. I’ve been fighting the USPS and Mr. Tom was in the hospital earlier this week, He’s out now; they released him on Dec. 7, just in time for him to go downtown to a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in his honor. He was even on the front page the next day!

This morning I ran my first official run – a 5k – in a year and placed 2nd in my age group. And some other stuff happened that I can’t tell you about until Tuesday, perhaps even later.

I haven’t even been able to read any of y’all’s blogs for a week, and almost didn’t make a few daily posts, myself.

So, have an extra cup of coffee for me, because I’m not even sure if I’ll get one today, and boy do I need it!

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