Saturday Morning Coffee

If we were sitting down to coffee this morning, I’d first apologize for being so brusque last week.

Candlelight went well, despite a minor medical emergency. Which begs the question: if it’s minor, is it an emergency? An ambulance was involved, so I suppose it wasn’t that minor.

Last Sunday was our church Christmas cantata. It went well, the product of 6 months of practice. I just wish composers were more kindly disposed toward tenors; we aren’t all Tenor 1, after all.

This week at school has been hectic.

On Wednesday we held a bake sale to benefit the Cross Country team and raised $145.

On Thursday the students performed their Christmas program, which they’ve been working on since August.

On Friday exams began, which meant students collectively lost everything they’d learned over the last 18 weeks.

Just three more days to Christmas break.

Of course, on Wednesday I also interviewed historian John Fea for a podcast, but by now you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about it.

I’ve been making progress on finishing my reading challenge, though my reading will be minimal this weekend. I finished almost two books this week, so I’m only down to three left for the year; huzzah!

Which brings us to today, where I’m both grading and writing exams while drinking coffee and eating Cheez-It Extra Toasty crackers.

What’s happening with you?


9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. Those are my daughter’s favourite cheez-its! She bought them when she was here last year. Today we had plans but we are putting them off to finish the Christmas card writing and a marathon of scrabble and backgammon (he doesn’t know that part yet) due to icy drizzle over yesterday’s snow. We decided not to be part of the slippy slidey mess.
    I hope you and your wife and those you love have a marvelous Christmas and most special, meaningful Christmas

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    1. Thank you for such wonderful wishes our way! Indeed, those Cheeze-Its are the best 🙂 Krystal and I are looking forward to spending some good, quality time together, once the craziness of the second day of Candlelight and exams are over . . . so, sometime around the 23rd.

      Enjoy your game day; I trust hot beverages are involved, too?


  2. We are currently having a bite to eat in a lovely country pub, in Surrey, England. We are on the way to visit our cat Artemis, who we rescued in Greece when she was a kitten. She lived on our boat with us, then we brought her back to UK. She is currently being looked after by Tim’s daughter. I have not seen her for about 8 months, I wonder if she will recognise me?

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  3. Do you really want to know what I’m doing? It is snowing again and the side walks are icy after a drop in temperature following rain yesterday. I had planned to walk to church but an older and wiser friend declared today high risk for falling so I am leisurely writing this comment. This afternoon a younger friend who drives (I don’t anymore) is taking us to see Manchester by the Sea. She drives us to movies and I save quarters for the parking meter.


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