Look Before You Leap

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner.

Just to remind you: the last Wicked Word was

pounce [\ˈpau̇n(t)s\]


the claw of a bird of prey


to swoop upon and seize something with or as if with talons

to seize upon and make capital of something (as another’s blunder or an opportunity)

to make a sudden assault or approach

And now, the winners!

Honorable Mention: Phil, Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Almost time. The coat hid Halloween’s security guard costume. Sneaky footwork would slide the orange cone across the aisle so the desperate herd would detour. Then she’d pounce grabbing that Hatchimal. Christmas morning would ring with wild shouts of “Mom rocks!”

Third Place: Suze

Tigger adored the indomitable Pooh

and reluctantly did he subdue

his excitable bounce;

Oh NO! It turned into a pounce

and scared the crap out of Pooh!

Second Place: Pleasant Street

I could have pounce’d then
but I was transfixed
how her hair hung over
her tank top
how she lounged, and
her skirt slid up
not even enough to have raised
my sainted mother’s brows
but touching on something deep inside
a nerve that sent a tremble
up and through my body
that she may have done that
exclusively for me

First Place: Georgie Moon

 “I wonder why my claw is called a ‘pounce’?” said the baby peregrine falcon, to his father.
“I expect it’s because you can ‘pounce’ on your prey before they have a chance to escape…..” said his daddy.
“I think I would like it better if my claws were called ‘surprises’………” said the baby.

Congratulations winners, and don’t forget your nifty badges!

Come back this Wednesday for another Wicked Word

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