It Must Be Tuesday

Nook Dont PanicTo paraphrase Arthur Dent, it must be Tuesday. I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

Beginning at 7:00, I sneezed 41 times in an hour. Oddly specific, but I don’t normally sneeze, so I started keeping track after three. Since then, I haven’t needed to sneeze or blow my nose since. And, I feel really good. Well, much better than I have since collapsing with the flu a week ago last Saturday.

The haircut I thought was scheduled for today was scheduled for Thursday. This after going all day with my hair in a not-normal comb (I didn’t use any product) so that I could go right from Cross Country to my appointment. Looks like the Mysterious Countdown will finish with me having longer-than-usual hair. Ah, well.

After my non-haircut, I drove out of my way to return my library books, only to drive right past the library while holding said books in my lap, only realizing it when I parked the car in my driveway.

I did the only reasonable thing: put on a load of laundry and went back to the library.

Revenge of AnalogI browsed a bit and ended up feeding my addiction, picking up two new books despite the physical TBR waiting at home. When I checked out, the machine still said I had a book checked out, despite it already being on a van to another branch.

Oh! I almost forgot about Teaser Tuesday! Last night I settled down with The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax. I read the whole thing in one sitting: the revival of vinyl and paper and books and everything tangible I enjoy so much. And then, nestled in one of the last chapters was tucked this gem:

Teachers are the key to analog education’s past, present, and future, and no technology can or should replicate them. Not because they have the most knowledge, but because without them, education is no more than facts passed back and forth. If you want facts, go read a book. If you want to learn, find a teacher.

So, how was your day?

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  1. I finally figured it out! yep! You remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal. Yea, I know…who is Jake Gyllenhaal?????? He seems to be an actor. yep..I saw him on a movie clip or something and immediately thought “Why is a teacher in that movie?”

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