Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s a beautiful morning for a strong cup of coffee and a chat with friends.

This week has been both a long week and a fast week. You know how that goes. I suppose it really started last week, though, with the ever-popular Standardized Testing. Then it was a short weekend to this week, featuring

Four School Days to Spring Break (with an appearance by Full Moon)

Yearbook Crunch Time

Nightly Meetings


Fixing the Car so It will Pass Inspection

So, technically there’s still eleven days til the yearbook is due, but anything my student yearbook staff could get done before break is less that I have to do this coming week.

The taxes are *almost* done. I’m just trying to get some student loan information. I sure hate paying student loans, but they sure do help on taxes. For now, anyway. Who knows what the new administration will bring? But, let’s not get started on that. They say nothing is certain but death and taxes, so here’s a picture of death:

Knight Death and the Devil

tire pressure warning lightThe car still won’t pass inspection, but I’m *almost* to the point I can get a 1-year emissions waiver. We think we know the problem; today we’ll be changing out the thermostat. We’ve already changed the spark plugs, the O2 sensors, checked the knock sensor, the mass airflow sensor, and the wiring for all these components. Still, we started with nine different engine codes and now we’re down to three, so . . . progress?

As much as I’ve spent on parts, I can only imagine what the bill would look like from a mechanic. I’m grateful for family that knows how to work on their own cars and is willing to help me with mine. In exchange, I’ll be helping them with home renovations this summer. It took some getting used to when I married into Krystal’s family, but it’s true what they say: Family helps family, and it all comes around, so there’s no use keeping track of who owes what to whom. Should that be “who”? Who cares, it’s Spring Break; the kids minds have turned off, and so has mine.

MST3K Is Back

If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and have Netflix, I hope you’re watching the revival. It’s good! Obviously, it doesn’t have that nostalgia factor, but I give it 9.5 starts out of 10. Maybe later I’ll tell you why I took off half a star.

Yesterday my book finally arrived! You know, the one I ordered from an American seller through a US website? Well, here it is:

Saxon House of Eldred

And yes, Sis, if you read this, you can have the first slot on the Next To Read list 🙂

So that’s pretty much been my week.

What have you been up to? 

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