Well, That’s One Reason (or Three)

Here’s what some of my student’s thought about my recent book adventure:

Note: these accounts have been left largely as written, with only light editing (namely, punctuation).

The Conspiracy

Mr. Eldred is a high school teacher that needs a new book. The book that he wants costs more in the US than in the UK. The book finally arrives, and he finds out the reason it cost more is because it has encrypted government codes that are highly illegal. He is caught with the book and is sent to federal prison where he spends the rest of his life eating pizza.

The Black Market

The used bookstore selling the cheaper book is a secret black market dealer selling drugs to the UK. The federal government regulates American Amazon and they look very closely at the businesses they are selling their goods to and from. They chose to put it on the UK site because the UK is not as strict on the black market, probably because they use the black market, also. They are using the book store as a cover-up so America doesn’t interfere with the drug deals.

The Time Traveler

During the American War for Independence, a mad scientist named Master Franken Jaminson created a time machine and hid it away so that if the British soldiers lost the war they would not have to bear American captivity. During the Battle of Yorktown, Master Jaminson dwelt in a cottage by the battlefield and when she heard the English losing she called them to the cottage and they fled into the time machine. The American soldiers found the time machine after the battle and used it as wood for their fire, trapping the soldiers and Jaminson inside. The General assumed they did in battle until he heard screaming out of the American soldiers’ fire. He lept into the fire, covering the time machine and allowing it to work by shielding it from the fire with his fireproof vest. In a tornado of chaos, the time machine disappeared, never to be found again . . . until a certain man by the name of Mr. Eldred was possessed with a longing for a rare book. He was outraged to find it was more on the American website than the UK website. Jaminson dwells in Atlanta, Georgia, and to this day still hates America.

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