Saturday Morning Coffee

Wow, another week gone already? Well, pull up a chair! 

This week was relatively uneventful.

I already told you about last weekend’s Colonial Market Days. If you read that post, could you watch the videos? I had some complaints that the videos weren’t watchable, but I’ve had no problems on my end.

I did more reading and writing, but not as much as I’d like of either one. Isn’t that the way it goes?

The weather forecast rain this week, and boy did it deliver. It was a miserable couple of days for me, I can tell you that. My back is finally feeling somewhat normal today. Stupid sciatic nerve injury.

Among things that annoyed me this week: other drivers. But, what else is new? This week several cars drove in exits I was exiting, their drivers clearly angry that I dared follow the signs. One driver scared me, though. I followed him for miles as he erratically switched lanes and drove off both sides of the road before correcting himself. Once, he nearly drove into a bridge abutment! I feared coming close to him, but when I did I noticed two things: (1) the car had dealer plates on it & (2) the driver was somewhat older and was vigorously picking his nose. I was glad when we were no longer near him.

This morning I went down to Tryon Palace to meet with Matt about July 4, when Krystal and I will be portraying loyalists for the day. Yes, we get to “strategically heckle” the reading of the Declaration of Independence! It’ll be roughly four(ish) hours of improv, which I don’t have that much experience in. We’ve already set up another meeting for him to give me some pointers.

I appear to have won a major victory against the ants in the lawn. With all the rain we’ve had this week, I’d expect to see the usual “survival mounds” as they try to save themselves. At the very least they should have invaded my car. But, I saw little evidence of either. I did see one new mound near our front steps, but I still had some granules left to take care of it.

Another result of the rain was the neighborhood cats coming onto our porch. Doppel (short for Doppelganger because she looks like Smokey) and Fuzzy Doppel came and talked to Smokey, and we also saw Sherbet and Siam on the porch this week, too. It’s nice that they come to say hi, and also nice that Smokey doesn’t get jealous.

Today my plate is pretty much clear; I think I’ll do some cleaning in the living room, wash some laundry, and try to get some dishes done. I guess that means my plate isn’t exactly clear – more like clearing.

So, what’s new with you?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. That sounds like a challenge heckling for the other side. Sounds like a fun experience too. If I was a man I would get involved in the battle recreations they do. Except they always do them on the heat of the summer in full uniform. That seems kind of rough.

    What do you use on your ants that works?


    1. To be honest, If I’d been living back then I would most likely have been a Loyalist anyway. I’ve been told to expect the event to be “interesting” – apparently the loyalists last year had the most interaction in recent memory – and that was before the election.

      I’m often asked to join reenacting groups, but just don’t have the time to give them the attention the groups would deserve.

      As for my ant problem, I think I picked up a bag of Ortho brand pellets guaranteed to kill ants, grubs, and other ground insects for up to 6 months. I had to spread it quite heavily, but it appears to have done the job.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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