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This past weekend I had a unique opportunity.

The good women behind the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class” are on tour this fall with a live show – and they came to Raleigh!

Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey (pronounced “fry”) are the dynamic duo bringing forgotten history to light. They’ve got to be dynamic as they research and record two shows in a one-week period. Add to that their responsibilities to other shows in the How Stuff Works family, and they’re often putting in more than 60 hours per week. Yet they record with an infectious enthusiasm that brings history to life and fosters the imagination to learn more.

I’ve listened to Missed in History for about five years now. Their show has influenced my classroom and my teaching style. I also had a wonderful chat with Holly on Twitter about my burgers.

*WordPress is being mean about embedding tweets. I’m lucky the link is even displaying!

So, I jumped at the chance to see them live.

I drove to Raleigh and arrived an hour before the doors even opened. I’d been worried about finding my way to a place I’d never been, but it turns out the performance center was just one block over from where Raleigh SuperCon was held!

I had a good seat; just far enough back to be level and center with the stage. With the right amount of imagination, it was almost like we were having our own conversation!

I won’t tell you all about the show, since eventually it’ll make its way into the show rotation, but here’s a little taste courtesy of the Live Tour T-Shirt (which, of course, I picked up!).

I also did something else for the first time: I asked a question in the Q&A. To some extent I brought it on myself. For whatever reason, Holly’s husband is following me on Twitter and asked me to wave hello. Maybe he does this at every event; I don’t know.

For the first moment I was dumbstruck. But then I gathered some semblance of thought, gave Brian’s greeting, and then asked how, exactly, they determined what was “missed” in history.

After the Q&A they did a meet and greet, and I blanked again when I didn’t even mention the burgers to Holly like she’s asked me to online! So I hung around till everyone else had gone through the line and then we talked food for about 5 minutes before they went to pack up their gear and I started my 2-hour drive home.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I’m grateful for these two podcasting powerhouses for putting up with my awkward nervousness.


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