Saturday Morning Coffee

It might be nearly noon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat over a nice cup of joe.

After my exciting time attending a live podcast last weekend, this week was a different kind of exciting: it was the first full week of school.

This year is decidedly different. Not only do I have different students, but our long-time principal moved from North Carolina to Indiana, and I’m also teaching one section of middle school American History.

It’s been years since I’ve taught middle schoolers, but I’m figuring it out. It helps that they’re excited to have me as a teacher. One parent told me her student found out I would be their history teacher while they were driving, and she had to pull over due to the yelling and screaming of joy!

One of my friends came back from a European trip and brought me a gift from Bonn, Germany:

I’ve found myself needing my running time more than ever. It’s helping me unwind. However, the headphone jack on my phone isn’t cooperating. It’ll charge, but headphones don’t work and it only sometimes recognizes my TV adapter. I still have ten months left before I’m due for an upgrade, so I splurged a bit and bought some Bluetooth headphones!

I’m trying to finish up he text of my WIP, but it’s been hard what with everything else going on.

Look for my review of that book in the brown box to come out soon.

Today I’m cleaning and baking.

What are you up to?

One thought on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. Middle school kids were my favorites. Just pack a sense of humor and don’t take anything personally. They are the most amazing creatures balancing on edge of discovering of the world – thoughtfully mature and witty one moment and the next reverting to silliness of small children. Channeling that is exhausting – and hilarious.
    You will do a stellar job, no doubt, but running will be needed.

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