Saturday Morning Coffee & Florence Update #4

Thanks for stopping by, because I need some normalcy in my life right now. Let’s chat over some fresh, strong coffee.

What a couple of weeks, eh? First Krystal goes to the ER, then Smokey passes on, and now Hurricane Florence has thrown a wrench into the works.

We evacuated from New Bern three hundred miles or more inland to my brother’s in Greenville, SC. I’m writing this from their kitchen table while enjoying their coffee and eating some pop tarts I brought from home. You’d think pop tarts are a simple thing, but some people find them confusing.

My brother and his wife have been a tremendous blessing. I literally dropped the evacuation question in their laps on Tuesday morning and we were at their house fifteen hours later. They’ve kept us in coffee, included us in their pizza and game night, and generally just been there for us. They’ve also helped distract our minds by introducing us to their bock-bocks and bun-bun.

They have a dozen chickens, but I don’t know all their names. The rabbit is Sir Reginald Foo-Foo (I think; I know the Sir Reginald part is right). He is soooo cute and soft and spoiled and hoppity.

I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with friends, two of whom graciously bought lunch and just sat and talked. My friend Jordan even gave me a copy of his new book, Griswoldville.

I’ve also had some profitable project time.

I’ve been able to work more on my WIP. It continues to amaze me that I’ll ask someone for help, and they’ll say something like “well, I don’t know much, but here’s what I do know” and then proceed to give me the very information I needed.

I set up an interview with the author of the book in the brown box. Dependent on Florence’s aftermath, of course. The few people I’ve told the exact author have been very excited to learn I got them. Apparently it’s a real coup for my first interview. So naturally, I’m starting to feel some pressure.

Yesterday I spent sever hours talking with friends via Skype about the John Birch society and the QAnon conspiracies. They also gave me some technical insight for recording my upcoming interview and publishing my book when it’s ready.

One thing I haven’t done much of that I thought I would do is read. I saved my “Currently Reading” books but haven’t read any of them since we left the coast. Maybe today.

As far as Florence goes, we’re in another waiting stage: waiting for the rains to end, the rivers to crest, the waters to go down, and the roads to become passable. I’ll share pictures and updates periodically, but you can probably see more at my Instagram feed.

Speaking of pictures, this morning my mom sent me this:

First intentional selfie…..wearing my souvenir New Bern shirt today in honor of your city!! Have a good day!

If you want to show your own support for my town, consider sharing or using this banner, created by Zach Frailey. He *wants* this to be shared/spread around.

Well, that’s about it for me.

What have you been up to?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee & Florence Update #4

  1. It’s good to have loving family, I’m glad you went further inland. I got behind on posts when I had family staying here. I didn’t know about Krystal and the ER or about Smokey 😦
    Is your mom’s home still in New Bern? We watched it on youtube this morning. Lifting a cuppa to you and your folks–

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    1. My folks live in Pennsylvania; Krystal’s parents still live in New Bern. They got out, too, thanks to a generous friend with Marriott points, and last we heard their home was OK.

      Krystal and I don’t know for sure about our neighborhood, but in this case I suspect no news is good-ish news.

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  2. Ya know, this morning I considered Florence as my savior. Our 1924 built house fried it’s electrical system last week and it’s going to be a huge $$$$$$$$ dent to rewire. But I kept saying, well, we’re not in the Carolinas. We’ll survive. I’m so glad you evacuated and will also survive. Hope your house does the same.

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