Saturday Morning Coffee

Another week has come and gone. Let’s talk about it over some coffee.

There was no Teaser Tuesday this week as I’m still working through Presidents of War. It’s a good read, but so packed with information that I need time to digest each section. What I’m most struck with is how many of our presidents from Washington to Franklin Roosevelt were related/connected to each other.

This week’s suppers included two new recipes. Converting British cooking units to American, I attempted “Slumpie with Clooty Dumplings” from Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook. I’d never used coffee in a stew before; neither had I attempted dumplings. The results were delicious, and Krystal asked me to remember the recipe to make again.

The other recipe was one of my own devising to use up stuff in the refrigerator and cupboard. It’s a spaghetti bake with homemade tomato sauce and “Shires of England” cheese, a five-cheese blend of Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Double Gloucester, and Red Leicester.

Tuesday revealed that someone has discovered a torture technique guaranteed to break me:

Here’s a random selfie I took on Wednesday:

Last Saturday was kind of difficult. Every weekend for nearly nine years I’d find Smokey and we’d sit and listen to Rhapsody in Blue. I hadn’t heard it since he passed in September. Then it came on Pandora and I didn’t skip it. It was rough, but I needed it. I remembered the good times I had with my buddy.


I don’t usually come out and directly ask you to support any artist or organization or anything like that monetarily. However, I would ask you please consider supporting Contingent Magazine, a new history magazine focusing on history for all. It will purposefully focus on those historians that aren’t tenure track, meaning there’ll be history from grad students, museum workers, park rangers, art historians, ecologists, and even school teachers (like me).

We’re the folks often ignored by “the establishment” because we don’t have the right degrees or connections. We don’t know the secret knock or handshake or the magic word. We don’t wear the right pin or tie. Doors remain shut when they should swing open, all because gatekeepers have decided our voices, knowledge, and experience won’t “advance the field.”

The gatekeepers are wrong. We have our own stories, our own history, and it ought to be written by us and for us. This magazine will help achieve those goals.

It’s being headed in part by Erin Bertram, who recently stirred the academic world with her piece on why she’s leaving the academy. She knows better than most what this is like.

Help her team help us by supporting them.

What have you been up to?

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