Saturday Afternoon Coffee

Thanks for swinging by. It’s a lovely spring day. Fancy coming in for a chat?

This week’s been weird. I’ve had a hard time keeping my head straight of what day it is, losing my train of thought in mid-sentence. One of those weeks.

But it’s also been good. I finished reading a book about the ravens that live at the Tower of London. A friend of mine visiting London graciously took time out of their tour to ask for a feather, but alas, there were none to be had. I can write them, though, and I’ll get one when next they molt. Huzzah.

Yet more friends of mine visited London this week, and they said hello to the ravens for me.

I think ravens are becoming my favorite bird.

Teaching isn’t about recognition; but when it comes, it’s overpoweringly delightful. This week I received a card that immediately ended whatever winter blues still lingered:

This week’s new recipe: chickpea and Swiss chard “chili” — which was delicious. Pay no attention to the ketchup in the picture.

This morning I got up for my first official run of 2019. I didn’t do to bad, completing the 3.1 miles in 24:00 minutes. I would have been faster but I slowed down when I recognized someone from the marathon I ran back in November. I came in second in my age group!

I even made a new friend at the post-race party

What have you been up to?

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