We’ve Been Framed!

The real culprit was time.

So after living in our place for over a year, Krystal and I still haven’t put up most of our art collection – bought from conventions, of course.

One reason: our art is unframed. Today I solved that problem.

Long story short, after comparing sales and regular prices I went to the store that had the best price and they were having a 50% off sale on their frames. Huzzah!

The cat picture (“Catiel” and “Loki B. Cat”) are by Angel Egle Wierenga.

The Studio Ghibli movie posters are by Chuck Carte.

The Studio Ghibli Tribute (Totoro) is by Catawampus Press.

The musical scores are by Davey Beauchamp.

The “Zero’s Journey” comic is colored by Dan Conner.

Now to hang them . . .

4 thoughts on “We’ve Been Framed!

  1. Those art works are amazing – and you got a great taste in your choice of movies by the way ^^ I sure hope you did enjoy your weekend and found a nice place to hang up all of the pictures.

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