‘Twas the Morn after Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas. Today’s a good day to get caught up over a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate).

This Christmas was small, yet it was perhaps the best one yet. Rather than spending money we didn’t have on gifts that would likely just collect dust, Krystal’s family chose to spend time together. We bought a few *small* gifts and ate finger foods while playing games and watching movies.

For my part, I made a baked Brie and a batch of homemade vinegar-less bread and butter pickles. They were both a hit.

It was low-stress and enjoyable (mostly, since introverted me finds get-togethers stressful on a fundamental level).

For my side of the family, we made Amazon lists. We didn’t buy everything from Amazon, but these lists helped us get each other things that would be useful, appreciated, and wanted. We even got a gift for my brother & SIL’s rabbit, Sir Reginald Foo Foo!

Krystal and I bought each other stocking stuffers, which we unwrapped as I played a fireplace dvd and burned a “winter” scented cone in my new Räucherhütte. Apparently “winter” is the scent of burning logs – and I like it.

I trust you had a good day, whether or not you celebrate/observe Christmas. I hope *every* day is a good day.

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