Inspection Time

Good for another year?

My ’04 Pontiac Grand Am has seen better days. Every year is a dice roll as to what’ll break down right before the state inspection’s due. Sometimes I’ve needed new brakes or tires. This year I had a pesky check engine light and a blown headlamp.

Looking up the code, it seemed an expensive fix. I did a bit more sleuthing and found that *sometimes* this code is the result of a faulty gas cap. So I replaced the gas cap and headed out on the road to cycle the computer.

I want to thank all the patient drivers behind me this morning.

When the light didn’t come back on, I went straight to the inspection place.



3 thoughts on “Inspection Time

  1. Circumstances required that we dump $1000 into our 2004 car this month, and much as I wanted to run from it, it feels like we’ll be keeping it another 6 months at least. Congratulations on keeping your 2004 alive & kickin’!

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