What a Pain

Apparently I caught the Christmastime Crud.

I’ve been more sick this year than any other year I can remember. Lots of little colds and stomach issues – hooray for aging?

Anyway, after my successful morning Friday I started to feel bad. Coughing, sneezing, minor body aches and all that.

By that night I could barely move for the pain – it felt like every bone in my body was aching and throbbing.

This lasted through Saturday and Sunday. The normal pain medications and heating/icing routines did nothing. I was miserable.

It was bad enough that Krystal asked if I needed to go to the emergency room. Considering the last time I went to the emergency room as a patient the hospital almost killed me, that’s a big NO from me.

As for a normal doctor or urgent care, I also said no. I don’t trust doctors. This is strange, considering my mother was an ICU nurse for 40ish years. Strange . . . or normal???

Anyway, last night things started to feel a little better with the aches relegated to my legs.

This morning I felt better, so of course I went to the gym and spent thirty minutes cycling. That’s not going to come back to haunt me *at all*.

But I have a marathon in 2 months and 20 days, and I haven’t really been sticking to my training schedule. That’s on me, I know.

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