Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 57

Is the end in sight?

Today our state begins Phase One of reopening. I’ll be teaching from home for the rest of the school year and Krystal has a tentative date for returning to work.

We’ve figured out how to apply for our stimulus money, and our vehicle’s inspection & registration has been extended by five months.

Now if only my car battery would actually hold a charge . . . I’ve been running the cars every few days but mine has refused to hold a charge since Thursday. And I stripped one of the bolts last year so I’m gonna need help getting it off . . .

This was a normal-for-the-times week.

I made tacos for Taco Tuesday & Cinco de Mayo

I received a wonderful card from a college friend

Vermeer Woman with a Letter

I made tomato rice using blueberry tea as a “secret ingredient” and later blackened some salmon to go with that rice

I took a personality quiz and discovered the fictional character I’m most similar to: Ben Linus from LOST

But this week was made special by Quail Ridge Books. Which means it’s story time:

My mom has had a rough year helping my dad with his ongoing health problems.

Their dream vacation!

I wanted to do something for her for Mother’s Day, but what could I do given, well, everything?

Enter QRB and their mystery boxes. I told them about my mom: her recent struggles and the things she likes: tea; fuzzy things like dogs, cats, and slippers; penguins, and the saxophone.

Yesterday, the package arrived: it had a cat-themed mug, fuzzy cat socks, a book “The Traveling Cat Chronicles”, and a reusable penguin print cleaning cloth.

I was concerned; though we’d often had both dogs and cats, my mom’s usually a dog person.

She didn’t know it was a mystery box and asked me why I chose those things. (Not in a bad way, genuinely curious. And even the handwriting looked like mine so 🤷‍♂️ )

I explained and then she told me this:

Since she had to put down her beloved dog Kona this past fall due to cancer, the cat has chosen to be near her.

His name is Ozzie

Ozzie now sits on her lap, meows at her and rubs against her when she’s walking, and likes to sit on her bedside table (where he sometimes startles himself by turning on the touch lamp)


So though she’s not a necessarily a cat person, the box was definitely 100% on point. Thanks again, QRB, for helping me make Mother’s Day special for my mom.

Oh, and apparently I overcame the weighted blanket and tossed in such a way that I tore the tag off it in my sleep.

such a rebel

What have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Quarantine: Day 57

  1. why should you have to apply for the stim check? it’s supposed to be automatic..or so the donald promised. stay safe hun, make krystal wear a mask if she goes back to work. this mess is nowhere near over


    1. You’re right. I figured out how to have it direct deposit rather than wait on a paper check.

      She won’t be going back to work for a little while.

      We’re going to isolate as much as possible for at least 3-4 weeks after stuff is “open”


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