Confessions of a Part-Time Stripper

This isn’t a dirty post, so get your mind out of the gutter. But I’ve got your attention, right?

I just renewed my domain for another year, so I suppose if I’m still willing to pay for the service, I’d also better be willing to put some time into writing things for all you lovely folk to read.

So, what’s been happening in the *checks notes* month since I last wrote something here? I’m glad you asked.

Work has been going well, if busy. We had a new addition to our team the first of April, so now we’re fully staffed – and just in time for graduation last weekend. We had the first “in-person” graduation since the start of COVID, which also means it was my first “real” graduation since working at the college. Though storms threatened to delay the ceremony, it was held on-time and went smoothly. But since our graduation is held on Saturday, we only had one day off before coming in bright and early to begin our summer hours: 10.5 hour days M-Th with Fridays off. Needless to say, this last week has been exhausting.

But work has also been rewarding as several projects I’m involved in progress to their next stage. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as good things continue to happen.

Speaking of good things, we’ve started to attend events again. Back in April we were able to attend the Fayetteville ComicCon. It was so much fun to meet new vendors, and this year they had a “fairy forest” set up as a kind of relaxing spot for overstimulated cosplayers. There was a “tavern” set up D&D-style where the server gave out “health potions” (candy) and nearby a fairy offered small shiny objects as “gifts of the Fey” – which I accepted with gratitude (but not thanks) and refused to give my name (as if the Good Neighbors didn’t know it already, lol).

This is so perfect it almost looks fake, but it’s not.

What made the day even more special was that we were able to share it with friends who had never attended a convention before but glad always wanted to. They had a blast and are already making plans for the fall!

Last weekend, after graduation, we went to a local RenFaire a short way away. It was the first one in this location, and we’re glad to hear they had a good enough turnout they’re already planning one for April of 2023!

I love wearing my Verillas kilt 🙂

I really don’t like how my eyes look in this photograph. I’d been wearing my EnChroma sunglasses for hours, so not only were my eyes watering from the sun, but I was having trouble focusing with the sudden color change. I promise I’m neither high nor drunk.

And let me just take a moment to talk about these boots, which I got for $10 and then changed the laces to match the aesthetic?

Krystal went as a pirate. She made all her own props and jewelry and got more than a few compliments and even more looks.

Let me take this moment to remind you:


We typically don’t mind if you take pictures of us, but unless you ask first, you’re a creeper who probably shouldn’t be at such events.

And now, let’s cleanse this post with a joke from The Office:

My coworkers really know how to keep me sane. a little levity throughout the day goes a long way in promoting teamwork.

The TTRPG games I’m involved with have picked back up after a month hiatus. It’ll be interesting to see how my new dice roll. Krystal got me them for my Cyberpunk character, K2.

In other news, I’m finally going to my first concert in a very, very long time as one of my favorite bands will be within driving distance. I’ve already had time off from work approved and I can’t wait to rock out to dual headliners. . . Flogging Molly and The Interrupters!

Irish pop/punk and pop/punk ska and reggae? Yes, please – inject that directly into my veins.

I hate to admit that my reading has fallen off, but I have books I intend to read. I just have to make/find time for them . . . But speaking of books, I’ve begun playing around with an AI art generator, and I’ve decided to see what I can do using Discworld novel titles as prompts. Here’s the first one:

“The Color of Magic”

I tried a couple different prompts and ideas in learning how to use the app, and I’m also fond of this result:

But what about the title of this post? What does stripping have to do with what’s been going on?

Well, I suppose it’s time I let you in on a secret. For the last week . . . I’ve been refinishing a smelting pot.

This isn’t my photo, but it looks very similar to what I was starting with. After lots of vinegar, two steel wool scrubbers, and a fair amount of elbow grease, I got it looking like this:

Ignore the rust; I promise I got it off!

And then it came time to season it. I opened the windows in the kitchen, brought in three extra fans and turned them on full blast, then cranked up the oven and got out the canola oil. Several hours and four coats later (and no burns!) it now looks like this:

I don’t know why the handle wouldn’t darken.
Behold the depths of the abyss!
I swear it’s darker than it looks!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to; what about you?

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