A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.

I have an obsession with Jurassic Park.

Continue reading “A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.”

Saturday Morning Coffee

I could really use some coffee right about now. You look like you could, too. Come on in and let’s chat. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Here I am gearing up for another Cross Country 5K. It’s raining right now, but supposed to clear off by race time. So, I have a few minutes to chat.  Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

Teaser Tuesday: From Here to Eternity

Like the arrival of the first cool day of Autumn, the Wheel of Time has turned ’round to Teaser Tuesday. Continue reading “Teaser Tuesday: From Here to Eternity”

Saturday Afternoon Sweet Tea

So I’m a few hours late this Saturday, and the time just doesn’t feel right for coffee. I’m glad you came, though! Can I offer you some sweet tea or water? Continue reading “Saturday Afternoon Sweet Tea”

Saturday Morning Coffee: It’s Been One Week

I’m sorry for the BNL earworm I’ve just planted. Unless, of course, you like that song. Either way, I hope I haven’t run you off. The coffee’s just finished brewing, the temperature’s cooled off a little, and the sun is shining. Fancy a chat? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee: It’s Been One Week”

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