Wicked Word Wednesday (1.6) Results

Wicked Word Wednesday Results
Thanks to everyone who participated in Wicked Word Wednesday. This past week we had 6 entries – w00t!

“Enough!” I hear you cry, “We want to know who won!”

Very well; the winner this week is . . .

Dr. Meg Sorick

His transformation incomplete, he sank to his knees, exhausted. With one talon extended, he scratched in the sand: “I am still a man.” The pain began again and he cried out in agony as the rest of the talons erupted from his fingers.


In second place we have


Her talons gleamed in the sunlight. A warning for what was to come as she slowly sat back in her seat, a cheshire grin stealing over her face. She knew what she had to do now. It was as clear as day.

Congratulations to this week’s winners (don’t forget your badges!) and tune in Wednesday for another Wicked Word!

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