Monday Morning Grievance: Angry

Sometimes I don’t know why I get angry; at those times, I start making a list. And sometimes, the list ends up looking very contradictory, indeed.Monday Morning Grievances Logo 1

Take, for example, my (incomplete and relatively petty) list for the last two days:

Woke up early

Woke up late

I didn’t sleep at all

Coffee too hot

Coffee too cold

Drivers too slow

Drivers too fast

Cat won’t sit with me

Cat won’t get off my lap

I have a headache and no medication

I have a headache and the medication messed me up

I’m hungry

I ate too much and want to sleep

What’s annoying you today?


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grievance: Angry

    1. School started again, so my summer of late nights and later morning have morphed into early nights and earlier mornings. Thankfully I’ve al least been more awake than my students. Forget jet lag, summer lag sucks, too.


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