The prompt for this week is Taste, so where else would I go for inspiration but to my coveted apple pie?

Apple Pie Recipe Cards

A Taste of Autumn

This week I am baking a pie;

I can tell you’re just dying to try

a small piece on a plate

(your hunger to sate),

In fact, you’re beginning to cry!

Filled Apple Pie

But this pie just isn’t for sale;

it’s for an auction at the fall fair.

So bring your cash money

and you just might get lucky

in your quest to taste this sweet grail.

Apple Pie 2

And no, I won’t show you how

I make my world-famous chow.

There’s apples and spice,

and other things nice –

they combine to make you go “wow!”

last piece of pie july 2015

Prompted by the Limerick Poetry Challenge Week 41