Socrates and Caesar Walk into a Classroom

Here’s what’s been happening in my classroom as of late:



Because history should never be boring!

4 thoughts on “Socrates and Caesar Walk into a Classroom

  1. Jay! What a terrific teacher you must be! The one professor I remember from my college days is dr grumwald, a professor of ancient languages. I took Latin from him for three semesters and adored every second of it…all because of him. He dressed up as a legionnaire complete with a wierd chariot he had made from a galvanized trash can, a garden cart and the rails from a wheelbarrow. he attached all of it to a poor mule and arrived at the class in full “roman” regalia. He was amazing! And I am quite sure that your students will remember your name and the things you did to bring history to life for them 40 years after the fact as well as I remember my professor!

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