I used to be the best at Christmas gift-giving. I fear I have been dethroned. 

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It’s Monday morning & I haven’t had my coffee.

Krystal never knew what she was going to get from me, and she sure didn’t know what any given package might contain. I am the master of misdirection: boxes within boxes and decoy fillings are my stock in trade.

The only time I have been outsmarted is if someone slips up and tells her what I’ve purchased – a hazard I just have to take, since I have most packages shipped to a different address to avoid sneaking fingers. For example, this year Krystal almost found out one of her presents when she asked a family member

So, did anything come for me today?

Now, she meant “Did any packages come addressed to me today?” but our mutual friend got confused with a package that came for me to give to Krystal and said “Yes, it’s on the counter.” The crisis was narrowly adverted.

However, this year I have been outdone. Under the tree was a large, flat, and heavy present. It didn’t have my name on it, but it was wrapped in my paper. (Krystal and I use different paper for our gifts, it saves knowing which gift is for who.) Normally I giver her her “big” gift last, but this year she insisted that we end with me opening this one.

And no wonder, for the student has outdone the master. Inside that package I found . . .

Opening the Pratchett Signed Kidby Print.jpg

a framed & numbered print of Paul Kidby’s Non Timetis Messor signed by Terry Pratchett himself.

I wept.

The simple explanation for those unfamiliar with Terry Pratchett, Discworld, or Paul Kidby: This is a numbered print of an illustration of DEATH titled “Non Timetis Messor” by Paul Kidby, official illustrator of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Non Timetis Messor is the family motto of Susan Sto Helit, granddaughter of DEATH, and translates to “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” This print is extra-special as it is signed by Terry Pratchett himself, who died early last year from complications due to Alzheimer’s.

The King is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

[and I’m OK with that!]

4 thoughts on “Outdone

  1. She got you! This is an amazing gift – numbered and signed. OMG (and all the other trite phrases). Like holding a message from the illustrator in your hand.
    (such lovely work, too)
    Ah, the bar for next year is raised high….
    Oh, wait.
    Happy New Year – may it be filled with laughter and andventures!

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