Saturday Morning Coffee

The weather outside is frightful with yet another so-called “snowpocalypse.” So pull up a chair and I’ll pour the coffee; you may very well be here for quite some time. Good thing I’ve got some packages of Spekulatiuscreme, eh? (That’s cream-filled almond cookies, in case you didn’t know.)

If this week is any indication of how the New Year will go, I’m in for a ride.

I already told you I won a book from Goodreads on Sunday; here’s hoping for more in the coming year!

Demons of StupidityMonday was not a good day technology-wise. My brand new PS4, which I’d only had running for three days, gave me the Blue Light of Death. So, now I’m dealing with Sony’s customer support, which traditionally has not been kind to those without receipts. Which is me, because hey Sony, people give things as gifts without receipts. I can tell you when it was bought, where it was bought, and for how much it was bought, but the receipt is long gone. Though I don’t pray to saints, I’m thinking of attaching a picture of Saint Jude to my form.

Tuesday I went and got a haircut – the first I’ve had in two months. Candlelight ended on 17 Dec, but then it was Christmas break and I just didn’t feel like cutting my hair. I kept it long on the top but trimmed it a bit closer that before on the sides. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture and I’m in no state to take one now.

I also found another bookstore gift card while cleaning. Hey, maybe 2017 will be lucky for books! I went to the store, and as even more luck would have it, they were running a one-day-only by 2 get 1 free sale – huzzah!


trollhunters_posterWednesday morning I got up early and promptly forgot what day it was, so I  went in to school and started my morning routine. I only figured it out when no students had arrived by 7:15 and other teachers started coming in who appeared to know what was going on.

I did some work in my office, then went home and watched the animated Trollhunters series on Netflix. It was adapted by Guillermo del Toro (of Hellboy and Pan’s Labirynth fame) from a book he wrote by the same name. He’s said the the show is toned down from the book (and the show is excellent, by the way, do not be fooled by its animation or seemingly kid-friendly marketing -it’s a fun romp for all!) and the book is much more dark. So, I dedcided to see if my library carried it.

the-strain-coverUnfortunatley, they did not, but I saw they carried other books by the same author. I clicked the link and found that del Toro wrote The Strain trilogy! I didn’t know it was a trilogy, or that it was written by del Toro, but I had started watching the series on FX when it first came out back in ’14. I stopped watching because I don’t get FX at home and the person I was watching with forgot to record a few episodes and, well, you know how these things go. So, despite my already large TBR for 2017, I’ve checked out the first book, called (appropriately enough) The Strain. Hey! know what I’m doing for Teaser Tuesday!

Thursday was the first true day back from break. It went well, and I found out I’ll be getting a new student on Monday. Well, better now than Monday, eh?

Friday was interesting, as in the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” My students were wound up for an away basketball game and excited for the wintry weather the weathermen have been predicting for the weekend. It got worse when the game was cancelled and they had to stay for their classes. Fun times.

Krystal and I went to a Hibachi buffet for supper. It was good, but my fortune was beyond comprehension:


We got home to discover two boxes on the porch: the first of my Christmas books arrived!


The wintry weather began for me around 10 last night in the form of freezing rain. So, I was up ever hour or so to carefully deice the outdoor unit. Thankfully, the freezing rain changed to a fine and slow sleet around 6. The unit won’t seize up from that and I caught a few hours’ sleep before Smokey woke me up for breakfast.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I’m waiting to see if the sleet will change over to snow as predicted. Krystal says it wont. Oh, she was supposed to go to Raleigh to march in the Gubernatorial Inauguration Parade, but that was (thankfully) cancelled. So, I’m spending the day online, reading, and I’ve lesson plans for World History to complete.


In general Mr Tom’s health has declined. He spent 11 days in hospital beginning on 22 Dec and is now home but very very weak. He’s 98 and is ready. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to be more direct right now, but you get the point.

Smokey has taken to sitting on the computer keyboard, which makes for an interesting online experience.

What about you? What have you been up to?

5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. oh you are going to LOVE Hollow City! So pleased to see someone besides myself make that purchase. I am always happy to see several of the books I either wish to read or have just finished on your list, and there were 4 of them in this grouping! four! Wow, you are smart! (lol)

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  2. I enjoyed reading about your first week in the new year, particularly battling the weather. I’m really sorry to hear that Mr. Tom is doing so poorly. I should write a post about life in the slow lane and what it is like to obey my first rule of walking on snow and ice which is “Don’t”. Falling down and breaking a bone or hitting my head would mess up the lives of my sons and their families as well as mine. Today my 93 year old friend and I are not walking to church as we usually do because of ice on the sidewalks. Instead I’m going down to the first floor of my apartment building and walk up the four flights to my apartment.

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