Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 3]

Day three of my trip began with Uncle Jason’s decision to drive into the city rather than take the Metro. Driving in was easy enough, but parking was another matter entirely.

Being as today would be spent at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and given that everyone else in our group had already been, they decided to let me out near the Smithsonian Castle so I could take pictures then walk down to the  NMAH and get in line.

I waited in line for almost 40 minutes, and join in a game of Presidential Trivia with the family standing behind me. Actually, I didn’t exactly play rather than give the right answer when they were stumped (which was most of the time). When we finally got through security and into the museum, they thanked me for making their wait enjoyable.

Doin’ History Right

Jason, Rose, and Alex still weren’t in the museum, so I headed on to the ground level exhibits. I enjoyed the Food Innovations exhibit, where I saw Julia Child’s kitchen, a display of lids for to-go coffee cups, and the section on Corningware. My mom still uses a piece similar to the one on display.

I made my way through the transportation exhibit, were I was interested in the scrimshaw and an early copy of Moby Dick in the whaling section, moved by the Titanic exhibit – my great-grandfather on my mom’s side was supposed to be on Titanic as ship’s printer but quit instead – and had a bit of fun with a traveling salesman. I also saw a sign for the Pennsylvania Turnpike – a road I know all too well.

🎶 You’ve got trouble, my friend 🎶

By this point the rest of the gang had finally found a parking garage, so we went to eat in the All American Cafe in the museum basement. I paid ridiculous prices for a hot dog and an order of Wisconsin-Style Curds. They were good, but not worth the price, IMO.

We spent the next several hours wandering the exhibits. Though encouraged to take pictures, many of the exhibits were dark and as flash photography was prohibited, not many of my photos turned out. Clicking a picture below will open a slideshow, which contains descriptions for each photograph.

When we finally made it through the museum, we realized we still had an hour before the Museum of Natural History closed, and it happened to be right next door. I’d always wanted to see a dinosaur skeleton, so we decided to head over for that particular exhibit.


As luck would have it, there was en Egyptian exhibit right next to the dinosaurs. I knew if I’d come this close to an Egyptian exhibit without going through, I’d be sure to hear it from Krystal.

On the way out we saw an Easter Island head and the “National T-Rex.”

Being as we’d driven in, we decided to drive out to the Jefferson Memorial, which was spectacular. It’s probably my second-favorite memorial in D.C.

Then, we headed home, but not before stopping for supper at Chipotle and for dessert and Krispy Kreme. What would tomorrow bring? We hadn’t decided.

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All photographs taken using the Manual app on an iPhone 5c and edited in Afterlight.


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