Not Goodbye, but See You Later

My friend and grandfather Mr Tom passed on earlier today. He will be greatly missed as he was greatly loved.
This photo was taken at (and by) Tryon Palace on Pearl Harbor Day, where he was the guest of honor. It may be one of my favorite pictures of him.

Before you now appears the militia of Christ’s triumph.

Tom Poole: 1918-2017, USN (Ret), WWII veteran of Pearl Harbor and D-Day, the greatest man I have ever known. 

15 thoughts on “Not Goodbye, but See You Later

    1. He’s not my “real” grandfather but might as well be. I’ve known him for 11 years and he treated me like family from day 1. The hand belongs to my mother-in-law, who’s been his caretaker and caregiver for 12 years. I’ve seen him almost every day since Irene in 2011. He was 98 and passed away in the home he built with his own hands surrounded by loved ones – which was exactly was he desired.

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