Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for stopping by. As you might expect, I couldn’t really sleep last night, so I’ve been up for quite some time. Actually, I went in to my office to prepare my classes for my absence Monday and Tuesday.

I’m in that stage of my own grieving process where I’m listening to Brahms’Ā Ein Deutsches Requiem and Palestrina’sĀ Pope Marcellus Mass in succession.

Really, I’m glad you came. I don’t particularly feel like talking, though. I’d rather sit a listen to something – anything. So much happened this week – and in the last 48 hours – that I’m still processing and don’t trust myself to speak.

Tell me, what did you do this week?

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  1. I drove an hour twice this week to visit my state’s representatives and senators. Managed to speak with two of the four about my political concerns. Asked them questions they didn’t have an answer to, and basically annoyed them. Read four books..three “light” novels and one history tome. I wonder why history or philosophy are tomes yet novels are books to me? I thought about your grand dad and went back to re-read each post you made about him. Wish I had met him..he sounded so much like my father. An honorable patriotic man of great love. Be kind to yourself as much as you can.


    1. What history book did you read? I’m glad you talked to your elected officials; I’ve been calling mine. Or, I was until ALL their voicemail mailboxes were full. Then, I emailed and tweeted at them.
      Mr. Tom was indeed amazing; I’m going to try to write a short book containing his stories. Several years ago he told me he didn’t mind me sharing his tales, so long as I waited until . . . yeah. Thanks for the chat šŸ™‚

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    1. It is a theme of mixed emotions–love and joy. death and re-birth, light and dark, etc. In the midst, it emotes that life will go on–must go on. In essence, if there were no future. how could there be any health?

      It also allows one to realize that, whatever your problems are/were, there are many, many people on this planet who are in considerably worst straits. Peaceful people living ing a war-zone, with no way out. Impoverished and starving, no medical care, a total lack of potable water.

      So, when you come down to it: your current sorrows and challenges just makes us great as a People, and You as a Person.


  2. I spent yesterday proof-reading a collection of sayings my son has been recording since his children, now twelve and fourteen, could speak. He made the collection into a booklet to give us, his family, for Christmas. My son is the one who gathered two years worth of posts from my blog into a book and had it published. Now he wants to publish his children’s sayings. It was wonderful yesterday to immerse myself in their life in print. Putting Mr. Tom’s stories into a book will be life giving for you and the people who read more about this remarkable and loving man. ā¤

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