Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for stopping by this bright, sunshiny day. Sure is a change from the high winds and storms we’ve had around here the last few days. Pull up a chair. The coffee’s hot and strong.It has to be, after this week. Standardized testing – need I say more?

There were bright spots in the week, so let’s focus on those.

I discovered a book I want to read; shocking, I know. It’s the subject that makes it unique/interesting: The Saxon House of Eldred. I knew it was the book for me by the cover alone; yes, in this case I really could judge a book by its cover. It appears to be out of print, but I managed to track down a reasonably priced copy. That in itself was an adventure; you can read about it here.

Since reclaiming the kitchen at the start of our Spring Clean, Krystal and I went through our cookbooks picking out new recipes to try. Incidentally, I’ll take any old copies of the “Best of Food and Wine” cookbooks you may have lying around. Anyway, I decided to surprise Krystal by making one of the dishes we’d chosen: Moroccan Spiced Lamb with Red Peppers and Halloumi Feta Cheese. Our local specialty stores no longer carry halloumi (a kind of sheep/goat cheese), so we had to substitute. I loved the dish, especially the fact that the onions didn’t disagree with me! Krystal, never a voracious meat eater, ate both her patties and generous helpings of vegetables. When Krystal clears her plate of every speck of meat product, I know it was a success.

 [click to embiggen]

Friday was a special night. Krystal showed a piece in her first-ever art show, put on by the local Arts Council. She won 2nd in the President’s Choice Award! She later found out that the president (either of the art council or of the college, we’re not sure which) and his wife spent over 20 minutes at her piece examining and praising it. Her teacher, who was there at the time, told them of Krystal’s other piece (the one she really wanted to get in) and they expressed interest in meeting Krystal and seeing her other work. Huzzah!

Krystal's First Art ShowKrystal's First Art Show Piece

What have you been up to this week?

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    1. We all said so, too! Though it’s nonfunctional (there’s no opening between the vessel and the spout), it’s still worth more than $150. The piece will be on display for a month; perhaps someone will buy it? Then, we’ll be celebrating Krystal’s first art sale!


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