Janus 2020

Two-headed Janus, wellspring of the quietly gliding year, who alone of the gods sees your own back. – Cato

So much happened in a decade.

Ten years of marriage to Krystal.

Survived a car crash that should have killed me.

Started running again, and completed 5 marathons.

Hurricane Florence

Said goodby to Smokey & Mr Tom

Wrote a book about Mr Tom

Became better friends with my siblings

Discovered podcasts

Got involved with the Christian Humanist Radio Network

Interviewed John Fea and Karen Swallow Prior

Met the Missed in History podcast hosts

Discovered I’m a reasonable cook

Started making burgers from Bob’s Burgers

Maintained this blog

Lost some friends and made new ones. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re one of those friends

Started cosplay

Made an apple pie for SF/F author John Scalzi. He called it exquisite.

I’m probably missing quite a bit!

How was your decade?

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