Three Treasures

My Wife is my greatest treasure, but as I’ve mentioned before we’re rather particular about sharing personal photographs.

I already shared how coffee is my daily dose of bliss; spoiler alert: it makes another appearance here!

First, there are the family treasures: the kind of thing you’d want to grab in case of fire.

IMG_2355For me, that’s my great-grandfather’s matchsafe. He was a printer on turn-of-the-century banana boats (that’s the 1890s-1900s, by the way) as well as almost serving on the Titanic, but didn’t. This particular matchsafe is from the SS Almirante, a merchant vessel out of Belfast, Ireland that sank off Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1918. I don’t believe Great-Grandpa was on board.



Second, there are the daily treasures: the little things that help make life worth living.

You guessed it, time for more coffee:


Finally, there are the rare treasures: things that are only here for a short time and then gone for good.

Like lebkuchen from Day’s Bakery:

IMG_2364Because even if someone buys the bakery, it just won’t be the same, you know?



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