Monday Morning Grievance: Non-Words

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

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Yes, I have a long weekend. Yes, I’m still up early. No, I’m not going in to my office – even though I could get some things done . . . well, probably. Google Drive helps me work from home; all I have to do is make sure the files and are compatible . . . and that I actually upload my work to my drive before leaving for the school. I certainly can’t blame Google for that particular failing, now can I?

I wouldn’t say that nothing annoyed me this week; rather, nothing annoyed me to the point that I wrote it down as a possible Monday Morning Grievance. So, it’s back to those first posts – you know, the ones where I simply listed five things without any explanation. Believe it or not, my very first grievance was about drivers who don’t use turn signals, which I just so happened to write about two weeks ago. So, that brings me to


I’m not talking about words that are simply mispronounced or misused, although they are indeed annoying. I’m talking about words that are just plain wrong. Among the many words lying in the gutter, robbed of any meaning by ignorant hoodlums, lies sandwich.

Really, when was the last time you heard this word pronounced correctly by someone other than an English teacher or other lover of grammar?

To many, this word is pronounced “samwich” or – the greatest atrocity of all – “sammich”.

There is no such thing as a “sammich”.

It’s really not that difficult:

Say sand.

Say which.

Now put them together . . .







You Keep Using That Word



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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grievance: Non-Words

  1. Admittedly, we do use the word ‘sammich’ in our house, but only in the context of having a moment of Being Ridiculous and Not Wanting to Grow Up. But if anyone says ‘irregardless’ in my general vicinity they’re likely to be taken down several pegs. Also pronouncing my name like “Lysol”. No. I understand I don’t have a common name; really, I do. I will be patient as you write my name every possible way under the sun without getting it right. To be fair, my name isn’t spelled the ‘traditional’ German way. Fine. I will gently correct your most outlandish pronunciations of my name… “Miz Lesilia” being the most inventive of these to date. But who the actual eff names their child after BLEACH?! Unacceptable.

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    1. I have to agree with “irregardless”! That makes me want to climb the walls. My other pet peeve is when people start their sentences by saying “Well, I mean…” when they haven’t actually said anything yet! There’s nothing to clarify!

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  2. I tried saying “samich” and “sammich” aloud and successfully hurt my ears with that sound…
    Seriously I am German – not English – and I would never ever in my life say that when I have cravings for two pieces of bread and whatever I would want in between them.
    We are using the word “Sandwich” in Germany too but I have never heard those “variations” of the word before.
    I don’t even think that it’s that much of a difficult word…

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