Sunday Snapshots

I find myself working mainly on school-related projects with little time to take pictures, or – if I do have time – I forget to do so. However, my iPhone shows I take more pictures than I remember. What did I do this week?

Flag Shadow on BricksBased on the location I took this picture last Sunday, although I don’t remember actually shooting it.

I went shopping and saw this glass. No wonder it was on clearance.

Glass of Stupid

I thought that no-one could actually be that stupid, then realized stupidity comes in pints, too.

Pint of Stupid

I came across this excellent sentence while tackling my TBR:

Recreational Philosophy

For six months he stayed in Athens, sight-seeing and indulging in a bit of recreational philosophy.

I’m not exactly sure what recreational philosophy is, but it sounds like something I’d enjoy.

I also introduced my students to the National History Day theme:

Finally, here’s a comic I found online:

Onomatopoeian Empire

What did you do this week?


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