Monday Morning Grievance: Censorship

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

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This week book lovers across the United States observe Banned Books Week. In case you haven’t been able to tell, I strongly support the freedom of speech [and, by extension, the press]. Yes, I have strong opinions, but as one of Voltaire’s biographers summarized his philosophy:

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

It seems as if intolerance has grown the last several years, with people of every political, social, and cultural stripe seeking to silence those politics, values, and practices differ from their own. And while I believe in moral absolutes, I also know no belief is worth defending which seeks to silence its critics. Healthy, honest, and open debate is a sign of thriving civilization.

I could give examples, but they’re all to clear. No one side or party or people is blameless.

I just wish people could realize that disagreement is neither hate, nor intolerance, nor bigotry, nor ignorance. Society has placed acceptance on a pedestal and adopted the mantra of “Agree of Perish”.

Ignore society.

Speak Out

Be Heard

You Are Entitled To Your Opinion

Reject the Censors



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One thought on “Monday Morning Grievance: Censorship

  1. I flavoured my brown sugar with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, added coffee, and the world is slightly less annoying. People with wild, untamed hair on the Tube during rush hour annoy me, especially when I get a mouthful of said hair. Mphhhpnarfll.

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