Recipes and Reading and Roleplay – Oh My!

Wait. How did it get to be February already? Tomorrow will be Groundhog Day; however, it seems like we’ve been living a Groundhog Day for the last year or so.

Apparently, I took quite a few pictures of food since January 10: ravioli, salmon, burgers, pizza, creamy baked orzo, sloppy joe, thai-inspired cream of chicken soup with black rice, and pierogi with cabbage and kielbasa. 

The ravioli was good; it was store-bought with a homemade cream sauce. 

The creamy baked orzo was a surprise for Krystal’s birthday. She calls is “cheesy cheese” due to the many cheeses in the dish. I took off work early (without telling her) to go to the store, get the ingredients, and have it done by the time she got home around 5:30.

Krystal (coming in the door): Now is not the time for you to be home.

Me: No, I took of work early to cook for your birthday.

Krystal: What did you make?

Me: Cheesy cheese


She was so excited and happy; she even told me that apart from going out to eat at the Melting Pot, this would be the thing she wanted most for her birthday. 

The cream of chicken soup was the result of having left over ingredients and coming up with something to do with them. Krystal liked it so much I’ll probably make it again at some point. She always puts saltine crackers in her soup; this time she didn’t even open the package. That’s a winner. 

The pierogi with cabbage was an easy dish I whipped up on a rainy Sunday. I poured a cup of chicken stock in my crock pot along with a head of cabbage and a pound of chicken-apple kielbasa. I Then I added a thinly sliced onion, two wedged apples, and some spices and let it cook on low for six hours. It was so good and melt-in-your-mouth that Krystal said she could eat just that and leave the pierogi alone.

Next time I’ll add some potatoes.

My TTRPG (tabletop roll-playing game) characters continue to amaze me. Bryn (my gnome Cleric in D&D) helped rescue a team member and take out an enemy nearly twice her level by using control water to control the water in the enemy’s body and dividing it by 20 feet. It made a mess and cost me some points, but it was pretty sweet.

I also did a closet cosplay/costest for Seamus (my wraith in World of Darkness). Rarely have I actually liked photographs of myself, while admitting that there are good photographs of me that exists from a composition standpoint. The last photo is just . . . it gives me such joy.

I joined an online book club reading through Moby Dick. And speaking of books, I finished Pearls Goes Hollywood, The Dreaming Volume 3: One Magic Movement, and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything during January. I’m almost through Aristotle’s Ethics as well as his Politics.

And just this last weekend I received a wonderful gift from a good friend: a Schrute Farms tumbler which I’m going to use in my workspace for water.

How did your January go?

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