Summer Break 2015: Week One

I thought the summer break would give me more time to write.

I was wrong.

And yet, I was right.

I’ve written – or, more accurately, typed – quite a bit over the last ten days:

Four class supply lists

Three class outlines

Eleven class projects

Lesson plans for half of American History 1

Today I’m working on re-writing World History so the class is approximately 60% book/lecture and 40% project.

Sometime next week, the new Chemistry curriculum will arrive, meaning I’ll have to go through and check my current lesson plans against any changes in the new edition. Joy. I might just start over from scratch on that one.

I’ve also been cleaning the house.

Spring Cleaning didn’t happen this year; so now’s the perfect time to do it. Well, maybe not perfect, but there certainly won’t be a better time.

But writing for the blog? Not so much.

The only things I’ve published were mostly finished posts waiting in the drafts folder.

Yesterday, I even missed Sunday Snapshots.

However, that’s due mainly to the fact I didn’t take many photos this last week; I’ve been in my office working on the list you just read.

And The Book? Even less.

We’ll see how this week goes.

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