Sunday Snapshots


I spent quite a bit of time waiting this week:


Concrete Drawbridge




I waited at this bridge four times in one day – four times!

Stopped at Train Tracks





Stopped at the railroad tracks with the only alternate route blocked.

At least I got a good view!

Crow at Lunchtime



This crow waited for me to drop some of my lunch.

I didn’t.

Neither did K.


Turtle 2



This turtle waited to cross the road.

I helped him out a few days later in an extreme downpour.

Smokey Waiting






Smokey waited for K to come home after an 11-hour shift.

Yard Trimmings 2





I did some yard work; now I’m waiting for the city to remove this pile of yard trimmings.

Yes, I checked to make sure they would pick it up.

They’ll get to it . . . eventually.

There’s less now; this visitor beat them to it.
Nothing like a free buffet!


On the other hand, there are two things I no longer have to wait for:


Internet Install



This cable brings me high-speed internet
in my own home.

Now I can stream Netflix and Pandora without using my cell phone data.

I can also stream podcasts without using cell phone data or taking up space on my cell phone.

Space I need for photos.



Clogged Sink


After pulling all this gunk out of my sink, I can measure the drain time with a stopwatch instead of a sundial or hourglass.


I even took a video:

What did you do this week?


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