May I Borrow a Cup of Sugar?

Phil, the preeminent Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge, prompted me to write about sugar.

I use sugar for two things: coffee and sweet tea.

Most Pennsylvanians don’t make sweet tea, so I’ve only had a few years to work on my “recipe.”

However, K says I make the best sweet tea; and no, she’s not just saying that.

So, how do I make my semi-legendary sweet tea? Like this:

Cup of SugarI store my sugar in a red canister with a spoon.

Thirteen spoons of sugar go into each batch of sweet tea.

This is the first time I’ve ever actually measured the amount of sugar I use.

By my best guestimate (and using a few converters on the internet), this equals approximately 220 grams of sugar.

Boiling Water for Tea

Mix this sugar into 8.5 cups boiling water.

Tea PitcherI always use this flowered pitcher.

This is our most-used wedding present.

Add two family-sized tea bags and let sit 45 minutes.

Transfer to a larger, refrigerator-safe and tea-appropriate container.

Top with cold water (about 4.5 cups) and mix thoroughly.

Refrigerate until ice-cold and enjoy!

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