Sunday Snapshots

What did I do this week?

Well . . .

I finally finished my shrubbery; Kelly oversaw the final cleanup.

The foreman always has the cushy job!

Kelly on Brick Steps
A friend visited from Georgia; we went bowling!

Bowling with Nicknames
Obviously these are not our real names; can you guess who I was?

Oh, and here are the scores:

Bowling with Nicknames ScoresWe were supposed to visit the Outer Banks; unfortunately, he was called back to work and we didn’t go.


The trees fell.

More Sadness.

Goodbye TreesThe United States defeated Germany in the Women’s World Cup Semifinals.

Even More Sadness.

USA v Germany Women's World CupHowever, this week America celebrated its Independence Day!

Despite my post yesterday, I’m still proud to be an American.

I wore my traditional Old Navy Flag Tee:

Old Navy 15 Flag Tee

Enjoyed some Moxie:

Independence Day Moxie Moxie Tops

Chowed down on burgers, hotdogs, chips, pickles, potato salad, cupcakes, cookies, and strawberry shortcake!


Sorry, I don’t do fireworks.


What did you do this week?



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